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Always There, No Matter What We Need...


"I wanted to thank you for having a great team put together. We began almost a year ago working together and Maribel was the one who held my hand in those first months. No matter what I needed - she was there to help. Almost a year later, Merici - Lesly - Farida - and Maribel are always there. Billing is not a fun part of our business and having capable people do that part so we can concentrate on helping patients is wonderful. Just wanted to say thank you for that!!!

Shari - Barkman and Smith Physical Therapy

Part of My Company's Sustained Competitive Advantage...


"CPM has brought a level of competence to our billing that I have been trying to achieve since opening my clinic 8 years ago. CPM is easy to work with and they have a mastery of the Practice Perfect software that is unmatched.  Having them as part of our team, has allowed me to concentrate on creating the best physical therapy experience possible for our patients and not worrying about the complicated intricacies of billing.  CPM has become part of my company’s sustained competitive advantage.

Kirk Conway, DPT - KConway Physical Therapy

Excellent Customer Service with Billing & Collections...


"Impact Rehabilitation Center has been using Clinical Practice Management “CPM” as our physical therapy billing agency since we opened in November 2001. During this time, we have had excellent customer service and high consistency of service with billing and collections processes.  It is easy to contact their employees and they are always professional, eager to help, and show caring about our business. When problems do arise, as is inevitable, their staff and management are easy to talk to and solve the problems in a timely manner.  We highly recommend CPM for medical billing and collections services!

Diana F. Sutcliff, DPT - Impact Rehabilitation Center

Willis M. Sutcliff, MPT, ATC - Impact Rehabilitation Center

Timely and Accurate Billing Resource...


"Kimberly and her staff are my go-to resource for navigating the reimbursement maze and educating my staff. I feel confident that my billing will be done timely, accurately, and most importantly that I will get paid. CPM eliminates the hassle of dealing with insurance issues in my PT office so I can focus on treating my patients." 

John O’Connor, PT - Palos Verdes Physical Therapy

Customer Service is Off-the-Charts...


"In any successful business it always comes down to having the right people doing their job correctly and efficiently. Kimberly’s core staff at CPM have been working daily together for over 11 years. Their customer service is off-the-charts, they are quick to respond to questions from my patients or if one my of PT’s has an insurance/billing issue. Kimberly often presents new changes to the insurance industry to our staff via e-mail or in person at our staff meetings. My AR is the lowest it has been in years. The EMR system is easy, effective and integrated. CPM frees me up to manage my business and more importantly to treat my patients." 

Joe Donohue, PT - ProSport Physical Therapy


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