Clinical Practice Management (CPM) is constantly improving our systems and procedures in an effort to stay ahead of the ever changing health care market. We now offer seamless office flow procedures, easy scheduling, effective charge entry, electronic billing accuracy, maximized collections, optimum reimbursement, electronic medical records, software training, management reporting, marketing data, and tools to be compliant.

Billing & Coding


At Clinical Practice Management (CPM), our specialized team of billing and coding experts, coupled with a software system allows you to quickly and easily maximize effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your practice through our "3 C's OF BILLING & CODE PROCESSING"... 



Compliance & Collections


Clinical Practice Management (CPM) is dedicated to helping you ensure your documentation and billing are correct and in compliance. Because medical coding and billing is our area of expertise, we have our fingers on the pulse of industry trends and compliance issues...

Practice Management


Our clients have indicated that they have saved thousands of dollars each year with CPM, due to increased productivity, improved reimbursements and a better insight into their business through our Revenue Cycle management techniques...