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  billing & code processing

At Clinical Practice Management (CPM), our team and software system allows you to quickly and easily maximize effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your practice through our "3 C's OF BILLING & CODE PROCESSING":

  • CORRECT - Legible and comprehensive patient documentation

  • COMPLETE - Stay on top of patient status, physicians and insurance records

  • COMPLIANT - Built-in alerts, functional limitation reporting, PQRS, therapy cap compliant, HIPPA and ICD 9 & 10


Whether you're a small single workstation practice or a large multi-location practice, our team of billing experts coupled with our software system provides you the functionality you want and the access you need from any device, anywhere 24/7.


Our billing team is an extension of  your team. We are here to implement systems to make your practice more streamline and to maxmize reimbursements:

  • Collect all data from patients

  • Enter data correctly

  • Generate electronic fee ticket

  • Audit data entry

  • Frequently bill electronically

  • Investigate, correct & appeal denials from insurance

  • Increase collections

  • Improve revenue


Our personalized approach to billing and claims support is unlimited via phone or email. Our team provides real-time updates and off-site back-up solutions, so you can continue what you do best in patient care.


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